Top 13 Anti Aging Tips for Healthy Looking Skin

Sometimes you wonder how celebrities in their 40s, 50s, and even 60s maintain a firm and youthful looking skin. Perhaps they have discovered some secret fountain-of-youth skin care methods that most of us do not know. Here are some of the best anti-aging secrets shared by several skin care experts and stylists to prevent those nasty wrinkles from appearing.

Sesame OilUse Sesame Oil

Massaging organic sesame oil into your body can promote better blood circulation, and it also energizes you, especially when applied in the morning. Sesame oil can hydrate your skin and give it a healthy glow. After the massage, you can take a nice long shower to clean away all the dead skin cells.

Use Moisturizing LotionsUse Moisturizing Lotions

Right after taking a shower, apply moisturizer to lock in the moisture that your skin has already absorbed. Daily moisturizing is the key to prevent dry skin, so it is important to always have one in your bag, car, or office every day.

Add More Greens to Your Diet Add More Greens to Your Diet 

Green leafy vegetable, like spinach and arugula, are rich in antioxidants that provide a younger looking and blemish-free skin. It is recommended to always add a side salad of green vegetables to your lunch or dinner every day.

Take More Fish OilsTake More Fish Oils

Take 500mg of omega-3 fish oil in the morning and at night to give your skin a suppler and smoother complexion.

Topical RetinoidsTopical Retinoids

It has been proven to improve the skin’s appearance and eliminates the fine lines and wrinkles. Retinol is one of the ingredients that you should always look out for when buying your anti-aging creams or lotions.

Avoid White Processed SugarAvoid White Processed Sugar

This has to be reduced or even eliminated from your diet. This type of sugar speeds up the aging process by weakening the collagen in your skin. This leads to wrinkles and skin sagging. You can try our clean eating meal plan which includes a detailed grocery list, without any Processed sugars.

Avoid Sleeping LateAvoid Sleeping Late

You should never deprive yourself of sleep because it can cause stress to your body. Sleep deprivation can lead to acne breakout and dull looking skin. Your body and skin use sleep as their time to recover and regenerate.

Take Care of Your Hands TooTake Care of Your Hands Too

Skin aging is not only noticeable on your face but also on your hands. Exfoliate and cleanse your hands too using the same products you use on your face. This will help make your hands look younger and free from wrinkles.

Eye CareEye Care

Always take extra care of the skin around your eyes because it is the thinnest. It is also the area where the first sign of aging and wrinkles will appear. Read More – Skin Care Routine: Skin Care Routine for Different Skin Types

Pamper YourselfPamper Yourself

Going to the spa and have a relaxing time away from work and stress can do wonders for your overall health, including your skin. Whether it’s having a facial massage, body scrub, or pedicure, you can visit the spa or salon as often as you like.

Exfoliate RegularlyExfoliate Regularly

Do this regularly to even out your skin’s surface since it reveals fresh cells underneath. Exfoliating regularly also removes the dead skin cells that give your skin a dull appearance.

Milk BathMilk Bath

Some celebrities admit that one of their secrets is pouring milk into their bath. You don’t need a whole tub of milk to do this. Just a few cups of milk will do the trick. The lactic acid in milk is a natural skin softener that will make your skin smooth and youthful. You can also add some honey for some anti-bacterial benefits. Read More – Best Bath Treatments

Avoid SmokingAvoid Smoking

Almost everyone knows that smoking is bad for your health. But even if you don’t smoke, the second-hand smoke can also be damaging to your skin and health as well. The smoke coming from those around you can cause your skin to speed up its aging and wrinkle process, so stay away from them when they smoke.

Top 13 Anti Aging Tips for Healthy Looking Skin