How to Pop a Pimple? 5 Simple Ways to Pop a Pimple

How to pop a pimple? This very question may revolve around many of our minds. We are really scared in this aspect as improper popping can even lead to permanent scarring of the face. Though it is advisable not to pop a pimple, a situation may arise which may demand otherwise. In such a situation where popping a pimple becomes inevitable, we must be careful with our ways and must ensure strict measures while accomplishing the task. Some of the convenient ways to pop a pimple are as follows:

Determining Whether a Pimple Can be Popped

Whenever a pimple arises from our face, the first thought that revolves in our mind is how to pop a pimple? When the sebaceous glands or oil glands become clogged or infected it may lead to the formation of swollen red lesions with pus that appears as pimples on our facial skin. Pimples on the skin generally become a source of irritant and if popped without proper precautions may lead to permanent scarring of the face. So the question arises how to pop a pimple? We must be very careful while dealing with pimples and must first decide whether it must be popped or not?  Pimples must be popped on its merit and whitehead pimples are generally eligible for popping as the pus accumulated under the skin is clearly visible. While dealing with whitehead pimples we can ensure proper popping of a pimple without the spread of infection. We must never pop new pimples and must wait till the whitehead appears at the tip of the blemish. Popping pimples which are bigger, sore and red can lead to sending the bacteria deeper into our skin which in turn lead to worsening of a pimple. In such a critical scenario when our understanding of how to pop a pimple? Hits a dead-end, we must consider visiting a dermatologist. Dermatologists are specially trained people who can help us in simply lancing the pimple with the help of a pin or prescribe creams that can help in the elimination of pimples from our skin. While dealing with those large red pimples they can simply remove the cyst and drain out the pus. Laser therapies and chemical peels are also an effective mechanism in treating the underlying causes of pimples. The sweat sitting on our face can also contribute to the formation of pimples, so washing our face from time to time to remove the dirt and grime is also a healthy idea to keep our face free of pimples.

 Prepping our Hands to Pop a Pimple


Prepping our Hands to Pop a Pimple

There are many factors to be kept in mind while answering the question how to pop a pimple? Though it is best advised not to pop a pimple, a situation may arise when popping the pimple may appear as the best available option. However, we must always follow some rules while initiating with the process of popping the pimple. Firstly, we must wash our hands thoroughly in order to prevent any transmission of bacteria from our hands to the face. We must wash our hand with plenty of water and soap so that there are no chances of infection involved. Moreover cleaning of fingernails with the help of a brush must also be taken into consideration. While considering the thought of how to pop a pimple? The most obvious solution that comes to our mind is the use of our hands. Nine out of ten times when popping a pimple our hands will come to the picture, so wearing a pair of disposable gloves might appear as a bright idea. Gloves can play a multirole characteristic in this aspect as it not only prevents the transmission of bacteria but can also prevent the sharp edges of our nails from impacting the pimple. Clean tissues can also be considered as a remarkable substitute for those who don’t have gloves nearby.  We must also clear the skin surrounding the pimple using a face cleanser or by an alcoholic rub. In a way popping of a pimple means to open up the skin. As the skin opens up the chances of bacteria entering the skin increases many folds which can eventually lead to an infection or reactivate a pimple all over again. Pimples also heal faster when that specific area on the facial surface is kept devoid of bacteria. While considering how to pop a pimple? Cleaning the surface surrounding the pimple is an essential step but we must ensure to not scrub the area too hard as it will irritate the sensitive area even further. Cleaning the area gently followed by a rinse of hot water is the wisest thing to do in such a situation. Ultimately we can pat it with a dry towel.

How to Pop your pimples with a Pin

Popping a Pimple with a Pin

There are many possible ways that may serve the purpose while answering the question of how to pop a pimple? Other than the use of hands, the use of a sterilized pin in popping out a pimple can be considered as a really interesting option. While availing this method the first step involved is definitely the process of sterilizing the pin. We may use a match or lighter for this purpose and must expose every inch of the pin for several seconds in order to kill off any form of bacteria. After the pin is exposed to fire it must be allowed sufficient time to cool so that it is not hot while popping the pimple. The pin must be further sterilized by using alcohol along with the hands and zit. Now the next question would be how to pop a pimple with the help of a pin safely? In such a scenario the best ploy would be to always hold the pin parallel to your face. It must not be pointing towards the face and must always be held parallel in order to ensure penetration of just the tip of a pimple. Only the tip of a pimple must be penetrated as penetration of the reddish area can give rise to complexities and a permanent scarring. Pinpointing the tip will help us attain perfection as it will enter through one side and come out in the other just as easily. The pin must be then removed once it ruptures the whitehead eliminating the pus. Once the pin is removed the pimple ruptures decreasing in size. It is advisable to squeeze the perimeter of a pimple rather than the head to release pus better. By staying cautious throughout the whole squeezing process elimination of all the pus from the skin can be ensured. Use of a cotton swab for further squeezing of a pimple can prevent further damage to the skin. Taking this option into consideration we can reach the conclusion that there are other ways available other than just using our hand in regards to how to pop a pimple?

Popping your pimple with a warm rag

There is another suitable alternative available in regards to the question of how to pop a pimple? The alternative being talked about is the use of a warm rag. We must first warm the water to the extent such that it is just warm and not burning when is a sensation. After getting the water mildly warm we can wash clean the rag in the water. The cloth should be just wet and not dripping water. We must squeeze to remove the excess water but must be cautious of not losing the excess moisture from the rag. The next step would be to hold the warm rag to a pimple. This very activity will promote the accumulation of the pus towards the tip of a pimple lining it up to be released. By gently sliding the cloth over a pimple the head can be loosened up. Though the process may appear tedious and slow it can be considered one of the safest ways in regards to how to pop a pimple? If the whitehead does not fall off immediately we must not lose patience. It must be kept in mind that this is one of the safest ways with respect to the various ways of how to pop a pimple? The warmth and moisture of the rag will slowly but steadily achieve its objective of releasing the pus.

how to pop a pimple without damaging the skin and leaving a scar

Popping the pimple with your hands

Popping the pimple on our hands is the most obvious solution that comes to our mind in regards to the question of how to pop a pimple? We can simply apply our fingers on any side of a pimple in order to push the pus towards the tip. Once locating the sebum filled area is complete, only then can we figure out the best possible gateway for the pus to be released. If the pus does not come out even after trying from all the possible directions, we must avoid handling the pimple further as it clearly indicates a pimple is not ready to be popped. In such a scenario we must wait a few days or let it have its own way. In case of pimples which have popped out, we can continue messaging the surroundings in order to drain out every last inch of the pus. Blood may also accompany the pus and in such a scenario leaving the affected area is the best solution as it may lead to scarring. Finally, after the release of the pus, application of a little bacitracin ointment is advisable as it can avoid bacterial contamination of the skin. While considering a solution in regards to how to pop a pimple? The most obvious thought that comes to our mind is by the use of our hands. The sole reason for this thought process is that out of all the possible ways, this is most simple and easy method.

How to Pop a Pimple? 5 Simple Ways to Pop a Pimple