How to Get Rid of Acne Overnight by Yourself

How to Get Rid of Acne Overnight by Yourself

Acne is a skin condition which has affected four-fifths of the total population on the globe. It severely affects our appearance and can give us a painful sensation due to the inflammation of our skin. These very complexities can give rise to the question – how to get rid of acne overnight? Inflammations are not just limited to the facial skin but can also be found in areas like the neck and chest. The choice of a product for such a complexity must be made with utmost care as they may possess unwanted side-effects. Acne can severely distort our appearance that may lower our confidence drastically. Worried by the thought- how to reduce acne overnight?  The wait is over as there are several possible ways to treat acne effectively within the four walls of our house without us having to move out. Some of the ways to get rid of acne overnight are as follows:

Coconut Oil

Virgin Coconut Oil

Acne can not only tamper with our looks but also give us a painful experience. Irrespective of the work, it might become a source of an irritant for us which may affect our overall performance. We come across many a situation where we have to attend an important ceremony or meeting and end up losing our confidence altogether due to the prevailing acne on our skin. For such scenarios application of virgin coconut oil on the affected areas may help us get instant relief overnight. How to get rid of acne overnight using virgin coconut oil? Virgin coconut oil is very effective for the skin owing to its healing and moisturizing abilities. We can simply take coconut oil in our palm and apply it to the complete facial skin with the help of our fingertips. Special care must be taken while applying to the affected areas as the message has to be gentler in those areas. Soaking the oil into the skin can help supply vitamins and other fatty acids that can help improve skin health and smoothness. We must remove the oil from the skin with the help of a cleanser after 30-60 minutes.


Ice Cubes

Acne is associated with inflammation which is quite painful in nature.  The pores of the facial skin become bigger owing to the complexity and tend to accumulate a lot of warmth in the affected areas. In order to reduce the skin inflammation immediately the choice of ice can prove to be a very effective option. So how to get rid of acne overnight using ice cubes? Rubbing ice on the skin can help in significant reduction of inflammation. It makes the skin numb that can prevent the affected areas from regaining the warmth which in turn can prevent inflammation to a certain degree. If the affected area is very large we must apply ice cubes on the skin by division into sections. If the entire facial skin goes into a numb state at once, it can really turn into an irritating experience. Ice cubes generally reduce the size of the pores and can help in providing instant relief from acne. Ice Cube Beauty Tricks

Grated Potatoes

Fresh Potatoes

Tackling acne is no easy task by any means. It can get really difficult at times as the affected areas radiate a lot of heat and the facial skin gets distorted. We are always in search of agents that can give us relief from such a situation overnight. One such intriguing option that may help us with the purpose is fresh potatoes.

How to get rid of acne overnight using fresh potatoes? We just need to slice a fresh potato and then apply the pieces on the affected areas of our facial skin. Rubbing the potato slices on the face in a gentle manner can prove to be super effective for the skin. We just need to leave the potato juice on the skin for fifteen to twenty minutes for quick results. Once absorbed by the skin, we can wash our skin using Luke warm water.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a well famed anti-bacterial agent. Acne is generally caused by bacteria clogging up the pores. Application of tea tree oil in such scenarios can help in the elimination of the bacteria from the skin that can help in instant relief from acne. How to get rid of acne overnight using tea tree oil? Using tea tree oil for acne is a very easy process. We just have to apply the oil on the face for five to ten minutes before washing our face. The anti-inflammatory properties of tea tree oil can help relieve the skin from inflammation that can help in the disappearance of acne overnight.


Aspirin Tablets

There are several ways by which we can get instant relief from acne. One such mechanism is with the use of aspirin tablets. So how to get rid of acne overnight using aspirin tablets? Using aspirin tablets for acne require crushing some tablets which are to be mixed with warm water. We can use a Q-tip for application of the paste to the affected area. Once the paste has dried on the skin, we can wash it off using warm water. The anti-inflammatory properties of aspirin tablets can help in neutralizing acne immediately presenting us with an acne free skin.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera gel has a very soothing sensation and can help us with beautiful skin and hair. The burning sensation that is generally associated with acne can be neutralized effectively with the use of aloe vera gel. How to get rid of acne overnight using aloe vera? Application of aloe vera to the skin simply requires peeling of the aloe vera leaf to extract the gel to be used on the face. In addition to its soothing nature, it can supply a significant amount of vitamins and minerals to the skin that can ensure recovery of the skin. It makes the skin healthier enhancing its healing parameters which can cant as a quick fix solution for acne


Raw Tomatoes

Most of us are aware of the fact that tomato juice is a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals. This very point can help us understand the beneficial aspects of its use for acne reduction. Acne is generally formed due to bacteria clogging up the pores of our facial skin. Therefore how to get rid of acne overnight using tomatoes? In order to treat acne effectively, we can cut the tomato into small pieces followed by crushing them into a fine paste. Once the preparation of the paste is complete, we can simply apply them to the facial skin. Leaving it on the face for twenty or more minutes can not only ensure neutralizing acne but can also help in removing scars on the face.

Lemon Juice

Citric Acid in Lemon Juice

Bleaching the facial skin can help in reduction of acne in addition to improving the skin tone. Many of us visit the salon for bleaching sessions in order to even out the skin. Lemon contains citric acid that can act as a natural bleach and can help in reduction of pimples. How to get rid of acne overnight using lemon juice? Lemon is available in most households. We just have to extract the juice from lemon and mix it with water slightly to attain a slight dilute nature. Once ready we can apply the solution of the affected areas and leave it for fifteen minutes. Using lemon juice daily can help us prevent acne effectively.

Baking Soda

Baking Soda

Another name on the list for quick relief from pimples is baking soda. It can also ensure minimization of acne scars that can distort our facial beauty. Moreover, it can enhance the beauty of the skin giving it a clearer look and increasing the smoothness substantially. So how to get rid of acne overnight using baking soda? In order to prepare a paste with baking soda, we simply have to mix it with water. We must ensure application of the paste all over the face with specific concentration on the acne scarred areas. It can effectively minimize the scarring on our face giving it a cleaner look.


Fresh Cucumber

We can find cucumber products all around us which are being used for the purpose of beautification. It can help in reduction of pimples, dark circles and several other miscreants that can destroy our facial skin. It has a smoothening nature that can help impart a magical glow to the facial skin. Cucumber can help eliminate toxins and other impurities from the skin which are the primary reason for various kinds of skin complexities. How to get rid of acne overnight using fresh cucumber? Cucumber due to its soothing nature can play an effective role in the treatment of acne. Due to the cooling effect, it can help in countering the inflammation caused due to acne. Moreover, it can also help in minimization of acne scarring which can give an unusual appearance to our face. We just need to cut some cucumber pieces and crush them to prepare a paste. Once ready we can simply apply the paste to the scarred areas to reap maximum benefits.

How to Get Rid of Acne Overnight by Yourself